The Manor (sometimes called Snark Manor) is a location within Marshall City that serves as the home for several heroes of the RP.

Description Edit

Defenses Edit

Notable residents Edit

Adults Edit

Minors Edit

Between the biological children of the Manor heads and those that have been adopted, there are close to 30 minors who call the Manor home. Those that are named and played as characters:

  • Adam
  • Adan Alexander-Connor
  • Alerin Atrevere
  • Harley Alexander-Connor
  • Ivy Alexander-Connor
  • Kale/Kyle
  • Mikora Atrevere
  • Taira
  • Selena Alexander-Connor

Guests Edit

It is not uncommon for guest residents to be taken in and live for indefinite periods of time. Current guest residents are:

Others Edit

These beings call the Manor home that aren't humanoid or have certain restrictions to their existence

  • Bob
  • Ghost
  • Merf (Mister Merfofalees)

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