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'Hunter Squad' is the unofficial name of one of the teams within the Hunter clan of Avalonian Demons, named after the squad leader, who shares a namesake with the clan itself. As with most organizational structures within the clan, it is neither official nor permanent, and has largely come about as a mutual agreement between the members of the squad to work chiefly with one another. Given that the various members of the group hail from different branches of the clan, it does not report directly to any one of the three lieutenants. Typically speaking, though, Thad is the one who mostly offers them missions.

History______________________________________________________________ Edit

Given the unofficial nature of the squad, there is no official date at which the squad came into existence. Originally it was formed as a partnership between Hunter and Vigil, the former making a habit of employing the latter to stand watch. Smoke joined shortly thereafter, needing a group of professionals to help balance out his casual demeanor, but nonetheless proving himself useful thanks to his somewhat personable nature and familiarity with many in the city's underworld. The latest member was added after an assassination contract turned messy, a girl named Lucy attacking the group. With the attack reported ahead of time to Thad, however, she was recruited when she came to collect on their work, folded into the squad with a fair bit of unease from all involved. Most recently, Hunter, for whom the squad is named, has gone missing, a fact some attribute to work for the clan abroad.

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