Avalonian Demons are differentiated from demons native to Earth due to being from an entirely other realm - that of Avalon. Their souls, infrastructure, and social networks are thus entirely seperate from Earth demons. Primary differences include their Tribes, capabilities, and goals. Avalonian Demons are not evil as a rule, and primarily are formed of the souls of dead Avalon individuals who could not complete goals in their lifetime. The type of goal determines the tribe of demon. For similicity's sake, they will be referred to simply as Demons for the rest of this article.

General 'Biology' Edit

Demons do not have bodies as other mortal races do - their physical form is created from a sense of self within the soul. For some demons this is looser than others, allowing for a shapechange, but for all their general size, mass, and strength are limited by the density and mass of that soul. For example, a younger demon will not be able to take the same form as a much older, more experienced one of the same tribe. Thusly, one can loosely determine the strength of a demon from their size and mass, though this is unreliable.

Soulstones and Possession Edit

Demons that incur sufficient wounds or damage suffer from a state known as Soulstoning - a demon compresses their soul into a small, crystalline structure to better recover from their damage. In this state, a demon is highly vulnerable. It can be shattered with sufficient force, causing a final death. It should be noted that this is a destruction of the soul entirely. Mortals that touch the gem can hear the thoughts of the demon, and some morally deficient demons will use such an opportunity to possess and individual. Possession comes in many varieties, in some cases a small, ignorable voice, in others, it is total control. This is mostly determined by the strength of the demon.

Lords and Mantles Edit

Especially powerful Demons, at the head of their Tribes, are referred to as Lords. Lords are unique: They can absolutely command those within their tribe, have much greater powers than their brethren, and can access certain items and capabilities that help with rulership. These include accessing pocket-dimension Vaults, and so on.

Every Lord carries with it their Mantle of Lordship, a soul construct that overlays the Lord's own soul. This comes with it an imprint of the previous souls that took the mantle, either at the time when they recieved it (for the current Lord) or the time they lost it (for past Lords). The mantle allows access to most of the abilities of the past Lords, with the small exceptoin of those that relied on special traits of that particular Lord's Soul. These, however, are rare.

Tribes Edit

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Notable Characters Edit

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